Grab Uber Taxi Driver Loan

Self-Employed Legal Loan Driving with Grab, Uber or working as a Taxi driver? Applying a legal loan with us and get approval on the same day! As long as you are able to furnish us with your weekly payslip and […]

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Personal Loan

Best Personal Loan Singapore for Fast Cash Personal Loan Singapore – Is a loan that is unsecured and suits qualify people in Singapore who needs it for personal usage.¬†Due to the unstable growth of the economy hindering the growth of […]

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Foreigner Loan

Fast Expat Cash – Best¬†Foreigner Loan Are you a foreigner that is employ in Singapore? You will definitely face financial issues at times which are tough and tricky. G Star Credit with our mission to provide you flexible foreigner loan […]

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Domestic Helper Loan

Low Income Personal Loans In need of fast personal loans while working as a foreign domestic maid? Working in Singapore as a foreign domestic helper has help you obtain a better income. But there are situations whereby you require the […]

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Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Licensed Money Lender SingaporeG Star Credit – Licensed Money Lender Singapore is a distinguish, legit and creditable money lending company in Singapore. We offer a range of custom-made financing answers to those in need of fast credit and quick cash.

Various individuals often experience monetary issues and have no capabilities to gain access to quick financing. Due to guidelines such as borrowing rules, poor credit history and extreme long period of credit approval.

As the top licensed money lender Singapore, we are receptive of the needs of our customers to gain fast access to cash in time of emergency. Our business operations strictly follows the rules set by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. Our repayment packages and interest rates are strictly in line with the rules and regulations of the Moneylenders Act. All our customers can benefit from the best financial assistance available in Singapore.

Trusted Licensed Money Lender Singapore

You can depend on us for clarity, honesty and easy access when it comes to quick financing. Our support team is always ready to solve all your issues and our online application provides you a single step in getting the financial help you require.

Fast Approval  – Banks require extreme approval procedure, and it takes weeks or even months to get your loan approved. As one of the pioneer licensed money lender Singapore, we provide easy loan application with a proof of your identifications. We look forward to help you get the money you urgently need within the same day of your loan application.

Flexible – We can assist and improve your credit rating by consolidating the current debt that you have. Instead of dealing with 5-8 licensed money lender Singapore, we can provide you with a single loan package to help finance all of the debts that you have at the moment. Which will allow you to easily managed the debt that you have and help to improve your credit rating.

Fairness – G Star Credit do not analysis your capability to fulfill your loan just by studying your credit history. We will also take in consideration of your existing monthly salary. Regardless how bad is your current credit rating and report, so long as you are able to proof that you have a stable monthly income at the time of your loan application, we are able to design a repayment package that is within your budget.

#1 Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Life is so much unpredictable, you might be place into difficult situations that are way beyond your financial capabilities. When this happen, you are face with few options but to look around for help from external resources. Without any reasonable doubt, you can look for your family members or even close friends for assistance. But this is something that you do not wish to do because every individual has their commitment that they need to fulfill. Thus they may not be able to provide you with the help that you require. On top of that, approaching your close ones for financial help can be very stressful for you. You may have to approach more than one individual to come up with the funds that you require.

In a nutshell, we are here to help you preserve your current relationship with your friends, loved ones and colleagues. In most cases whenever we face financial issues, the very first person we will approach is those that are closest to us. However, repeatedly approaching friends, family or employers to get assistance will gradually affect the relationship that you have with them. Let us manage your problems so that you can maintain it as private and confidential to enjoy a harmonious relationship.

Award Winning Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Licensed Money Lender SingaporeAs the award winning licensed money lender Singapore for 3 consecutive years, we emphasis in providing professional customer services. In the event if you decide not to take up a loan with us after it has been approved, we are more than willing to notify you that there will be strictly no penalties or cancellation fees. You are allow to apply a loan with us again when you are ready to commit to a loan agreement. G Star Credit with 10 years experience in the financial business is the licensed Money lender Singapore that you can trust. Our well trained employees holds the mission to provide you with efficient customer services in time of your emergency needs.

Regardless if you require to service your car, settle an outstanding hospital bill, pay for an educational school fees or just take care of those pending phone and utilities bills. Our low-interest rate loan packages are here to offer you the best solutions that you are searching for. We are always here when you are in need of an efficient and productive problem solving solution. Rely on us to bring you our promises and to provide you with the best services available in the market.