Domestic Helper Loan

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Personal LoansIn need of fast personal loans while working as a foreign domestic maid? Working in Singapore as a foreign domestic helper has help you obtain a better income. But there are situations whereby you require the additional cash. Because of emergency issues back at home in your country and you have no one to run to for help.

This is how G Star Credit can step in and help you. As one of the pioneer licensed money lender in Singapore we offer one of the lowest interest rate of personal loans to domestic helpers working in Singapore.

Throughout the years, Singapore is one of the best destinations for foreign employment. Because of the higher standards of living, good quality of education system, stable economic. The high salary paycheck draws a wide range of foreigners into Singapore. One of the largest work force is (FDW) known as Foreign Domestic Workers.

Domestic Helpers Personal Loans

Although Singapore provides the perfect employment environment for maids or domestic helpers. Singapore is well-known as one of the most expensive cities in the globe. This has becomes quite tricky for a foreigner working in Singapore. During emergency, you may not have love ones or next of kin to turn to for help. This is how foreign domestic helpers personal loans can come in as handy.

The domestic helpers personal loans are created with foreign domestic workers in mind. They are flexible and simple to apply for any financial emergencies. Regardless whether you are short of cash or need to remit funds back home to your love ones. All we need is a proof of your monthly income and existing FDW work permit.

Contact us right away if you are working as a foreign worker and have urgent needs. We provide fast loan processing and cash advance to you upon your loan approval.