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Foreigner Loan Are you a foreigner that is employ in Singapore? You will definitely face financial issues at times which are tough and tricky. G Star Credit with our mission to provide you flexible foreigner loan holds the commitment to provide you the best that we can. We are aware that it is very inconvenient for you to borrow funds from your love ones while earning a living in Singapore.

Our aim is to offer an alternative loan option to keep you moving till you receive your pay. Holding an employment is tough enough and when you face financial issues it can become intolerable. You may not have friends to turn to and the foreigner loan we provide is one of the best choice you can turn to.

At G Star Credit, we assist thousands of foreigners to gain financing over the years. Our foreigner loan packages are build to fit the needs of each different customer. That is why we are the award winning licensed money lender for consecutive three years. Regardless if you are on a long or short term basis contract, we have the foreigner loan to cater to your needs.

Our Foreigner Loan

As an expat searching for quick financing, don’t wait and contact us today! Our company have the financial experts that are always ready to support you. Our foreigner loan is suitable for most emergencies that you may have. Such as educational, daily expense, medical bills and almost any other pressuring needs that you have. Along with the documents that we need, you just need to complete an online application. And our loan officer will get back to you as soon as possible to advise you accordingly. Our simple and easy application procedure ensure fast approval.

G Star Credit Foreigner Loan Advantage

We recognize the fact that it is not easy to get funds through local banks. Our promise to you is to make the application process as hassle-free as possible. There are a couple of reasons why you should borrow from us. Below are a few points that makes us different:

Unsecured Foreigner Loan – Our foreigner loan are unsecured and you can obtain financing much easier when working in Singapore.

Flexible Loan Installment Package – We offer carefully design loan packages to suit your different needs. Our loan officer are open to options that are available so that you can repay your loan easily.

100% Confidentiality – Our company practice a very strict code of confidential ethics. All personal data are safe in our company’s database and we ensure a strict command of privacy policy.

Simple Loan Application – We ensure that a foreigner loan is easy to apply via online application. Our loan officer will contact you as soon as your loan approval is complete. And we practice same day approval for your loan application.

Low Interest Rates – We offer attractive interest rates for foreigner loan in Singapore. We are open for you to compare our rates with other money lenders.

Legal Money Lender – G Star Credit is a legitimate company that holds a license to provide loan services under the rules of the regulatory authorities.

Although it can be a major task to obtain a foreigner loan in Singapore. But at G Star Credit we promise to offer you whatever we can. Contact us today to understand the best foreigner loan for you.